CAJOU DE FASSOU provides high quality product thanks to its selection of the best raw material and his mastery of the production process .

The ACA SEAL label (which we obtained) confirms this commitment to quality and easy access to the main consumer markets (USA, EUROPE, United Arab Emirates)


CAJOU DE FASSOU exported successfully several times to international markets (France, Morocco, and China, but at low volumes. Its market is domestic. It provides supermarkets, restaurants and hotels with roasted almonds in small packages of 50, 100, and 500 grams, as well as during public events, such as fairs ((Agricultural and Animal Resources Salon Abidjan – SARA, International Exhibition of Equipment and Transformation Technologies of Cashew SIETTA)


In the following 5 years, CAJOU DE FASSOU should be able to diversify and sell by-products
• The sale of cashew nuts in all production stages (white or grilled, big or small, packaged to be sold in supermarkets)
• The sale of cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL)
• The sale of cashew nut shells


Each box of almonds contains information about the rank, the staff in charge, packaging, or other details desired by the customers …… This is to ensure optimum traceability. In addition, quality control conforms to customer specifications as provided by the specialized agency designated by the customer. (SGS, UNICONTROL …. )

Our cartons are either sent TO Yamoussoukro or sent directly in sealed containers and transported by truck to the port of Abidjan to be taken away in containers. All shipments are FOB.
Transportation and risk management are subject to negotiations, however, the reputation of the Port of Abidjan and the presence of many international freight agencies guarantee efficiency and accountability.

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