CAJOU DE FASOU is happy to welcome you on its website.
You will find all information on our activities, as well as our vision.
Our company began its operations in 2006. It is a family business whose founder has a very long experience (38 years) in the sector of cashew in Côte d’Ivoire.
The company aims to participate in the objectives of cashew nut processing in Côte d’Ivoire; and therefore in the restructuring of the economy with regard to adding value to raw materials.

CAJOU DE FASSOU, through the production and marketing of cashew kernels will be participating in the economic development of Côte d’Ivoire, and have visibility on the local market and sell internationnally.

Respectful of the African Cashew Alliance Code of Conduct, our company is committed to producing high quality products and ensure food hygiene, whilst having a sustainable business. The latter requires good governance and financial management of the company, human resources, respect for the environment, fair remuneration for farmers and working to promote the national goal.

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CAJOU DE FASSOU was founded in February 2006. The equity capital is entirely held by an Ivorian family.

This project is run by the KOUAKOU family. It is a family business built on principles of respect for our partners and our commitments.

The founder, Mr. Kouakou, is involved in the cashew sector since 1995. He started with the production of raw nuts before going to processing. He owns a cashew plantation of Ha 85 that he intends to expand to 125 ha in the next 5 years. He masters the production process.

CAJOU DE FASSOU is one of the precursors of the cashew sector in Côte d’Ivoire. It aspires to become a reference for the quality of its products.

CAJOU DE FASSOU is located in Yamoussoukro, in the Lacs District where the availability of raw nuts is globally estimated at 6,000 MT, but it is at the hub of three major producing regions.


CAJOU DE FASSOU is a player in the processing of cashew nuts. The plant has a processing capacity of 1,500 tons of raw nuts on its present site (300 tons of almonds). Within 2 years the plant will be relocated on a plot of 1.2 ha in the industrial zone of Yamoussoukro. The processing capacity will be increased to 5 000 tons of raw nuts (1 000 tons of almonds).


statuary Manager provides the functions of Chief Executive and Local Sales

M. KOUAKOU Konan Raphael

statuary Manager
Commercial Director , responsible for export sales and research and development

Kouakou Davy

Commercial Director
Aka Adiko, Production manager and staff

Aka Adiko

Production manager and staff
Djaha Koffi Ambroise, Environment officer

Djaha Koffi Ambroise

Environment officer
Quality Technician

Mme Touré Henriette

Quality Technician
M . Coulibaly Serge, Conseiller de gestion

M . Coulibaly Serge

Management Advisor
Maintenance technician equipment

    M . Traoré Tiékoura

    Maintenance technician equipment
    Coulibaly Serge Aba

    Coulibaly Serge Aba


    The administrative functions are performed by the manager and the production manager.
    The production function is provided with sufficient workers.
    At the peak of producing activity , the number of workers reach 200, including 85% women


    The majority of the Ivorian raw cashew nuts are exported to processing countries (India, Vietnam). CAJOU DE FASSOU transforms and creates added value locally. To be in adequation with international standards, the company only buys quality nuts at a fair price to the producer
    The processing of nuts is a labor intensive activity. CAJOU DE FASSOU provides work to a hundred people, including 75% women. At the peak of producing activity, the number of workers reach 200 including 85% women
    CAJOU DE FASSOU designed within the company a good part of its production tools and contributes to the development of local skills in the development of innovative products and processes with high added value.


    • CAJOU DE FASSOU owns two cultivated land plots of an area of about 250 hectares including sixty Ha that are already planted and currently in production
    • The current plant is situated on a land plot area of 2 200 HA in the residential area of Yamoussoukro belonging to the family of the owners of the entity. The following are built there: A main building of 235 m2, a building for hulling purposes, office buildings and another building for toilets.
    • The current premises appear to be too small and limit the possibilities for business expansion. This considered, the company leaders sought and obtained from the Ministry of Industry and Mines of Côte d’Ivoire land in the industrial area of Yamoussoukro ( a land plot an area of 1 ha (12600 m2) After the construction of new buildings on the new site, the activities will be transferred in 2016 and 2017.


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