3rd edition of the Price of the Employers for the innovation: the special price awarded to Kouakou Konan Raphael

Celebrate the excellence, detect the future national champions. Such is the second mission that assigned the general Confederacy of the companies of Ivory Coast ( Cgeci). It is all the sense(direction) of its collaboration with the scientific Ministry of Higher Education and Research for the initiation of the ” Price(Prize) of the Employers for the […]


Abidjan – For its participation in this year’s 53th edition of the Paris International Agricultural Show in Paris (SIA 2016), Côte d’Ivoire puts emphasis on transformation, says a briefing note from the Ivorian Ministry of Agriculture and transmitted rural Development Sunday at AIP. Open Saturday to expire in nine days (March 6), the SIA 2016 […]

Fair trade

Fair trade is a fair trade with small producers in developing countries, and responsible from an environmental point of view. The principle of fair trade is simple: the number of intermediaries (retailers, wholesalers …) is reduced, causing a significant drop in the margin usually reserved for intermediaries; this margin is transferred to the producer’s compensation. […]

Tips about Publishing an Evaluation Document

Publishing and Technology This section’s goal would be to acquire writing capabilities through mini- modeling, writing that is shared, and writing that is unbiased. Utilizing technology with writing is a wonderful method of stimulating pupil creativity. Word processors can be utilized change, to draft, change and publish student work. While universities with computer laboratories would […]

How to Become an Educational Philosopher

So why are treadmills the No 1 household device decision among customers? Effectively, here are five motives essays order treadmills turn out on ahead of models that are other year-after-year. Listed here are the top 5 methods house treadmill workouts can help you shed weight and acquire in good shape! Explanation # 1: A Treadmill […]